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PREPARE Magazine is a full-color digital and print publication that is professionally designed and created with the vision to offer Encouragement, Empowerment, and Enrichment to your Preparedness Journey.

Our purpose and focus is to offer expert and purpose-filled training in preparedness (preparation), self-sufficient living, and survival skills for the difficult times that may be approaching.  Our desire is to share a positive approach to preparation and to yoke with expert contributors and authors who share an optimistic approach to getting ready for the uncertainties of the future. We are not interested in spreading fear, rather we want to help families get prepared for … What If…?

PREPARE Magazine launched as one of the very first publications specifically dedicated to providing resources and expert training for Preparedness, Self-reliance, and Survival.  Our desire was, and continues to be, to share positive insight and training in getting prepared – without trying to focus on the heavy message of fear and discord that seems to regularly inundate us in the national media.

PREPARE Magazine released our first digital issue in 2012 as a visible expression of our heart-felt desire to serve others in preparation training and encouragement.  We continue to offer our monthly digital publication as a free annual subscription.

Here are just a few of the important resources you can expect with your FREE digital monthly publication:

  • Expert Emergency Preparedness Skills Training
  • Self-reliance and Disaster Survival Tips
  • Family Essential Needs Strategies
  • Community Connections in Your Area
  • Preparedness Products Resources and Reviews
  • And Much More…

sethprepareOur free digital PREPARE Magazine publication grew rapidly as more-and-more people began to sense a need to prepare.   Many of our subscribers requested a hard-copy print version of the magazine.  In response to many requests, in 2013 we launched a full color, high-gloss print subscriptionThe content in the print version of PREPARE Magazine is different from the digital issue, so many of our readers are both print and digital subscribers.

Be sure and visit our Knowledge-base and FAQ section.   In addition to being a great resource for information, it will also give you some further insight into the mission and vision of PREPARE Magazine and how you can get involved.

We will continue to expand services and we look forward to a very special time ahead as we continue to share our passion, creativity, and expertise in preparedness, self-reliance, community building, and family.   We hope you enjoy visiting with us.

“Just a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed every page of the first issue!!! Great job everyone and I am looking forward to the next issue!”

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