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Thursday morning,

Dear Friend…

We live in very challenging times.  One day everything seems “okay” and the next day the world seems to be falling apart.  It’s like riding a roller coaster and with the media pushing ratings, everything seems to be in a state of panic.

If you are like our family, the important thing is to remain calm and not get overly caught-up in the extreme “ups-and-downs”.  We stay focused and work to PREPARE for the uncertainties and the potential… “what if’s”.

In 2012 we released our first issue of PREPARE Magazine in digital format.  It’s been an amazing journey and tens of thousands of people have joined with us and get preparedness training and resources from our magazine each and every month.  We are so blessed to be yoked with world-class and renowned experts to help us share top-notch Preparedness training guides and instruction.

Publishing a magazine hasn’t always been easy, but… we have stayed the course, met a lot of wonderful like-minded people, and have survived through the difficulties (after all, isn’t that what Preparedness is all about?).

With the challenges we are all potentially facing in the future, it has become very clear to us that there is a tremendous need for PREPARE Magazine. In fact, based on the comments and requests we’ve received there is a growing need for even more services, training, and resources that we can offer.

We’ve listened, and we are very pleased to offer a Premium Member Subscription to try and meet some of the massive growing needs that have been presented to us.  We released this new service to help provide good, reliable, training and resources – and to share an encouraging voice to families concerned about the future. We couldn’t have done it without an active community of people who have shared their interests and have shown their passion about training and skills to help with Preparation. Thank you for joining with us to support and build the preparedness community.

We want to continue offering our support and expand to meet your interests and needs, so we’re now offering this new Premium Membership Subscription – and offering it to you TODAY ONLY at a huge discount.

You can read more about what we are offering at our Prepare Member site (opens in a new window) and see all the features that we are releasing with the new Premium Membership.  The monthly training “live” Preparinars (online webinars) alone are worth ten times what you will pay for the small one-year subscription fee.  If you have attended any training events, you will immediately agree with me.

Anyway, make your own decision.  Here is a quick view to help you see the important benefits you will receive with your Premium Membership.  (The discount savings you receive will more than cover the cost of this special Premium Membership).

We invite you to read all the way through the Prepare Member site (opens in a new window) to see all the Premium Membership benefits. Right now, we want to let you know exactly what this SPECIAL One-Time Offer is. We want to give you the opportunity to join at a huge discount.

Bottom line is, we want a strong membership community – so we’re offering this one-time special offer to try and get as many as possible to join and help build the community. You will save about 70% off what others will pay off the regular member rate.

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