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We are Pleased to Announce the "Official Launch" of PREPARE Magazine!

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We launched PREPARE Magazine with a desire and goal to provide helpful resources and relevant content to encourage and empower people on their preparedness journey.  We have been blessed and amazed at the level of interest we have received, and have had overwhelming requests to share more.  It has been an eye-opener for us especially as we become more aware of the growing needs within the preparedness community.

As we certainly want to continue helping people within the preparedness and self-reliance community, we have been prompted to launch a new tool for those who are interested in digging a little deeper.  This new resource is our Premium Membership.

The Purpose of the Premium Membership Subscription….

Is to provide a more in-depth training and information portal for those who would like to have access to stronger preparedness and self-reliance resources.  The Premium Membership Subscription also provides access to a community of like-minded people you can network with and also share ideas.

The Premium Membership will be a vibrant and interactive community created to encourage, equip and empower the members by facilitating a safe format to share ideas and spark creativity.   The tools are there whether you choose to interact with other members or not.  Having a caring community to connect with – if you choose – will provide reassurance as you prepare your family.

Here are some of the excellent trainings and benefits we will be releasing inside the Premium Membership site:

PREPARE Premium Membership

  • Monthly Digital Publication of PREPARE (premium edition)
  • Downloadable PDF file of all Monthly Digital Publications.
  • Access to Archive files with all previously released Digital Publications
  • Special Monthly Webinars and "How-to" Reports

We will share more details on what all you have access to as we move forward, but as you can see there are going to be some excellent resources available to you and other Premium Member Subscribers.  One thing is for sure, you can expect to have a steady-flow of great resources from people who understand preparedness.   Because of PREPARE Magazine, we have access to many experts and trainers – so you can expect the content to always be fresh and relevant.

In addition to the items we’ve listed above, here are some other training resources that will be featured as part of your Premium Membership Subscription:

  • Monthly Premium Live Preparedness Training Webinars
  • Archived Recordings (video) of Training Webinars
  • Regular Webinars and “Live” interviews to highlight what families are doing to Prepare
  • Digital Viewer to use with Mobile Devices
  • Membership forum and discussion board to share ideas (Monitored to maintain clean environment)

If you do a search online, you’ll know that what we are offering our Premium Subscribers is going to be extremely valuable – and NEEDED.   Certainly, there are some other great sites out there offering important trainings and tools, and we encourage you to look at what is available to help you better prepare.

Our desire is to help provide quality training, encouragement and resources, while also sharing a good community of like-minded people who can be a support structure.

Here are some resources that you will be able to print and access whenever you need:

  • Monthly Special Downloadable Reports, Articles, and Training Videos
  • Digital Download copy of the book, “Whole Wheat Bread Making”
  • Special Digital Report on “Building a homemade hydro-electric Generator”
  • Special “How to” Reports and Digital Books on Preparedness topics (New Release each month).

As you can see, our intent is to deliver a LOT of excellent content that will benefit you in your preparedness and planning.  Beyond the tools and resources that will be available in the Membership site, we’re also going to give the added member benefit of discounts.

Take a look at the discounts and perks below that we’re offering to our Members:   (The savings you get with these discounts could very well cover your monthly membership fee):

  • Special Discount on the print-copy subscription of PREPARE Magazine
  • Discounts for gift-subscriptions of  PREPARE Magazine (print-copy) for friends
  • Special Member Discounts on Preparedness Resources and Supplies
  • Special Advertising Discounts for PREPARE Magazine
  • Special drawings and incentives
  • Participation in our Partners Referral Program (Affiliate)

And…  MUCH more as we continue to grow and develop the Membership site.


So, What exactly will the investment be? 

To maintain the quality and value of your Premium Membership Subscription, we must charge a monthly membership subscription fee.  We’ve crunched the numbers to try and establish a fee that is affordable and sustainable.  The small monthly membership investment will help cover costs associated with managing and developing the Premium Membership Subscription, and providing additional and ongoing benefits and resources to participants.

In looking at what other membership sites are charging, it is not uncommon to pay upwards of $99 per month for a regularly updated member site.  Many of the sites we found range anywhere between $17 and $$67 per month (depending on the amount and quality of content).

Obviously, we are not going to charge anything close to that.  We considered $10 per month (and may eventually go to that), but honestly, right now a lot of people are struggling financially – so we really want to make the site affordable to anyone.  We really want to build a strong membership community.

So, we decided to cut the price in half – and guarantee that price for as long as you stay a member.   In other words, later-on when we raise the price to join the Premium Subscription Member site, you will not be affected.  Your Premium Membership Subscription fee will never change.

So, you will want to lock-in your special rate now.  

We’re not charging $17 or even $10 per month.  If you join right now, the investment is only $4.97 per month.


Secure Your Membership

Yes I'd like to join the PREPARE Premium Membership Subscription site for the low introductory membership price. Please count me in!

 And… there is no long-term commitment or contract.  You have total control, and can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you want to get an even greater discount, you can pay for a six-month or one-year membership.

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We aren't asking for a long-term commitment.

Our desire is that you try the Membership and if you aren't completely pleased with
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Simply cancel your subscription
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As our way of saying thank you - You can keep the downloads as our gift!

There is absolutely no risk!

- Joseph and Donna Miller