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Annual Print Subscription

In addition to our monthly digital subscription, we now offer a full-color high-gloss Print Publication of PREPARE Magazine(THIS IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PUBLICATION from the monthly digital version – with different design and content)

You can now subscribe to receive an annual subscription of PREPARE Magazine delivered directly to your home.

Save Money on an Annual mailed Print Subscription to PREPARE Magazine and also receive … a Special

Limited-Time Bonus Offer!

The PREPARE Magazine print edition is a vibrant full-color, bi-monthly publication created  (6 issues) on beautiful high-quality gloss paper.   The print subscription is mailed directly to your home or office address via USPS.

Each issue is professionally designed offering:  Special Features, resources, community events, and helpful training ideas, to help families (and individuals) get prepared.

Prepare Magazine is focused on sharing encouraging training and resources to help build a Preparedness lifestyle.

SAVE over 28% Today!

An annual print subscription delivered to your door will save you money off the regular news-stand price, and also you will receive a very special bonus offer.  In addition to the regular bi-monthly print subscription, subscribers will receive a digital PDF download of our inaugural issue.

We are looking to build our subscription-base.  Do not delay, as this offer may be taken down at any moment.  It is only available during our early-launch celebrations.

With this special offer, subscribers  are able to get the PREPARE Magazine Print Publication for a substantial savings of more than 28% off the individual news-stand price (PLUS… get the special bonus of the digital inaugural edition).


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The fact is… Many people prefer to have a printed version of the magazine.  We wanted to provide a digital version and a print version.  The PREPARE print edition is a bi-monthly, full-color, hard copy publication that is mailed by USPS.  The high-quality gloss paper really enhances the colors and graphics. Print Subscription of Prepare Magazine

The content is different from the free monthly digital subscription we offer, however, we do include some of the more popular articles and features from previous digital issues.

It very special to be able to say that you were a subscriber when PREPARE first launched.  Get the inaugural edition on digital download before we remove this special bonus.  We are unable to extend this offer very long.

To recap… for a limited time – Early Subscribers of the print Publication of PREPARE Magazine will also receive a digital download copy of our Inaugural Publication!

In other words, you will receive our first edition (digital pdf) as a bonus – and then your Annual Subscription begins with the second issue you PREPAREimage3receive.

But… you must act now.  Due to increasing demands on bandwidth, we will not be able to keep this open very long.

It is very special to say you received the first-ever issue, so don’t miss this.   We had two printings of the inaugural issue.

To receive your discount (and bonus), order your subscription here:

Click the Link below to receive the

Early-Subscriber Special Bonus Offer on Annual Print Edition of PREPARE Magazine


  • * Each subscriber will also receive a pdf download link of the designed print edition of the inaugural edition.
  • * An annual print subscription offers a substantial savings on the cost of an individual publication.
  • * Cost includes Postage and Handling in the USA (Outside of US will have additional Postage.)
  • Early Subscribers who order now and take advantage of this special offer, will also receive the Inaugural Print Issue of PREPARE on digital pdf download.

Order NOW for only $29.97